Dear Community

We have deployed the new LF token contract to Ethereum Mainnet.

The new token contract has a 2.5 billion token supply, same quantity as the old LF Token contract.

The new token retains the same LF symbol as the old LT Token contract.

The new LF Token contract is as follow:


Important: DO NOT send any LF Token directly to the above address. Doing so will result in an irreversible loss of your token!

We’re coordinating the next phase of the token swap with the following exchanges:

· Bithumb The swap will take place during May 11–12th…

Prime brokerage and DFi project Linkflow Finance ( has partnered with IOST, a public blockchain project based in Singapore.
Through the official Medium channel, IOST has announced the official strategic partnership with Linkflow Finance Foundation on May 6th. Linkflow announces the expansion to IOST ecosystem to resolve slow transaction speed and high gas fees of Ethereum Network.

Linkflow is Cryptocurrency platform that enables uses to understand and access various types of cryptocurrencies by providing information on cryptocurrency ecosystems and Prime Brokerage Service in DeFi model. The native token of Linkflow (LF) is listed in Bithumb Korea Exchange.


Dear Linkflow Community Members

Today, we would like to share an important announcement with the Community.
In order to maintain the highest level of security, Linkflow Foundation has decided to upgrade the existing ERC20 LF token smart contract accompanied by a token swap for the new LF token to maximize the interest of LF Token holders.
We believe this is the best solution for our existing LF Token holders and we appreciate the support from the community. Further LF token swap instruction will be made shortly through Linkflow official channels.

We appreciate your support and please stay tuned for further announcements.

Thank you

Linkflow Team

Dear LF Token Users!

Linkflow Foundation is temporarily suspending the deposit of LF Tokens to Bithumb Exchange due to the recent suspicious activities. The Foundation has started the investigation and will resume the deposit to Bithumb Exchange as soon as the investigation is over. This will not affect the trading or withdrawal of LF Token in the market.

Thank you for your understanding

Linkflow Team

Linkflow, a Hong Kong-based crypto prime brokerage and algorithmic trading service, has successfully integrated Chainlink’s market-leading decentralized oracle network on the Ethereum mainnet. The integration involves Linkflow using Chainlink Price Feeds as a highly precise, tamper-proof, and transparent price reference for determining crypto-to-fiat exchange rates on our DeFi platform.

The initial Price Feeds now supported include USDT/USD and USDC/USD, with plans to support more pairings in the future. We selected Chainlink as our go-to oracle solution because its price reference data is decentralized and accurate. Most notably, Chainlink price data has market coverage across all trading environments, ensuring its resistant…

Linkflow Finance (, a DeFi platform for Prime Brokerage Service, announced the listing of the Bithumb Exchange on March 31st, 2021.

Linkflow Finance collaborates with venture capitals, crypto exchanges, and promising crypto DeFi projects to expand traditional Prime Brokerage Service to blockchain industry to accomplish true Decentralized Financing.

“We are honored to be able to be listed on the №1 Korean crypto exchange Bithumb and this is a huge step forward for us to accomplish our goal of building a complete Prime Brokerage Service platform.” Said Linkflow Team.

LF Token is currently traded in Digifinex Exchanges for $3.20, a surge of 320%.

Official website:

Official telegram announcement:


We are pleased to announce that LF Token will be listed on the №1 Digital Asset Trading Platform Bithumb Korea in KRW and BTC market on March 31st, 2021.

1. LinkFlow(LF) KRW/BTC market listing event details

LinkFlow(LF) Listing Timeline
■ Open date of Deposit address: 2021.03.31 (Wed) at 11:30 AM (KST)
■ Listing time: 2021.03.31 (Wed) in the afternoon (KST)
■ Available channel: PC Web, Mobile, API
■ Digital Asset Review report: Shortcut>>

2. LinkFlow(LF)’s Airdrop Event for Trading

■ Event Period : 2021.03.31(Wed) listing time ~ 2021.04.01 (Thu) 24:00 (KST)
■ Event details: BTC will be distributed in accordance…

On March 24th Linkflow Finance ( has made a digital asset management agreement with A Capital.

A Capital is a Hong Kong-based Venture Capital specialized in investment into crypto projects having operation assets of $10 Million and the main portfolio of Titan Swap. Linkflow finance has made a strategic agreement with A Capital to deposit a portion of A Capital asset into Prime Brokerage Service as a reserve pool to maximize profits.

Linkflow is currently having discussions with various institutional investors for collaboration and A Capital is the first to be onboard. “I am pleased to make the first brokerage…

On March 23rd, Linkflow Finance has made a technical collaboration agreement with DeFi project Titan.

TITAN ( is a blockchain-based decentralized financial center that provides optimal liquidity solutions for different digital asset categories by adaptive bonding curve. It not only provides a user-centered decentralized exchange but also it is an aggregated liquidity pool that supports order smart routing.

Through this technical collaboration partnership, both parties will share knowledge and know-how of DEX and Liquidity Pool operation and eventually integrate into the core Titan services into the Prime Brokerage Service.

“The partnership with Titan will give an opportunity to develop and…

On March 22nd, Linflow Finance ( has announced partnerships with Soteria Finance (

Sorteria ( is a decentralized alternative to insurance and is the first mutual (a risk-sharing pool) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Soteria uses blockchain technology to create a platform that returns the power of insurance to the people. It not only utilizes the fast transaction speeds and low cost of BSC, but it is also highly integrated with the BSC DeFi ecosystem. Soteria Launched IFO with Great Success, Setting New Record of Total Fund Raised Reaching 2272.61%, breaking the previous highest record of 1400% in PancakeSwap history.

Linkflow Official

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